Browsing the Research Registry

All Research Registry projects are visible to all users, whether they are logged in or not.
You can perform a general search to search across all Research Registry projects using the search bar.
This will search project title, registry ID, lay summary, project lead and further fields for logged in users.

Go to advanced search to build more detailed queries.
These allow searching for discrete terms using disease ontology terms to search projects by phenotypes, HGNC to search by related genes and text fields for keyword searchers.

Public view of the Research Registry

Only GeCIP and Discovery Forum members can view the full details of Research Registry projects.
However, public users are able to view the title, project lead and lay summary of projects in the registry.
Please ensure that the language you use in your lay summary is sufficiently easy to understand and respectful to Project participants who may read this.
If you find that any of the text in the lay summaries is not accessible to the general public, please contact [email protected] who can pu you in touch with the researcher to correct this.