Research Environment user guide

In this documentation, we will provide you with the knowledge and training materials that you will need to navigate and analyse the wealth of data available to you. We suggest that you go through the documentation step-by-step so that you become familiar with the data and the analysis tools within the Research Environment.

Research Environment videos

We have created demo videos to help introduce users to the Research Environment and the suite of tools available within it. Please let us know if there any other topics you would like covered in future videos.

Support for grant applications

Register with us to receive a letter of support for your application. Please use this form to tell us about funding applications you are making around a GeCIP research project.
This allows us to keep a record of grant applications around the Project, and to provide you with a letter of support if required. In case of multistage applications, a letter of support can be produced after the initial expression of interest has been approved by the funding body.

We will support applications provided they align with the goals of the 100,000 Genomes Project and comply with appropriate use of the Project’s dataset.
Your draft proposal will be reviewed within our science team who will provide feedback, if appropriate. If your application is suitable, our chief scientist will issue a specific letter of support. Details of your submission will be kept confidential and not shared beyond the Genomics England science team, Scientific Advisory Committee and GeCIP Board.


The Genomics England PanelApp was created to enable virtual gene panels to be viewed and commented on by experts within the clinical and scientific community around the world. The aim is to use expertise and knowledge to establish a consensus final ‘green’ diagnostic grade gene panel for each disorder to aid clinical interpretation of genomes for the 100,000 Genomes Project. PanelApp is a valuable resource for the scientific community, providing the opportunity to encourage a consensus for which genes have enough evidence to be included on a diagnostic panel for a particular disease.

Cohort browser
If you want to find out more about the data we hold within the Research Environment, you can find summary level data in our Cohort Browser app. This may help you identify whether we have a large enough cohort of your disease of interest before joining the GeCIP or Discovery Forum and without having to write any code.

GeCIP Twitter

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